At Strike Force Soccer we aim to put our players in a positive and competitive environment with kids in there age bracket to help get them out of their comfort zone.

In our group training we:

    • Take players to the next level by putting them in a competitive environment to compare their talent and work rate to fellow pairs
    • provide game-like scenario for player development 
    • Identify the player strengths and weaknesses and implement sessions to enhance development.
    • Focus on proper technique in all aspects with intensity and fun 
    • Aim to improve ball maneuverability
    • Help players to develop mental focus and determination 
    • Help players to master multiple ball control techniques (side foot, instep, chest , etc)
    • improve and implement proper passing and shooting techniques 
    • help players improve awareness on the soccer field 
    • provide elite speed and agility training incorporated in intense technical or shooting sessions 
    • encourage confidence and creativity to express or try skills 
    • track your progress on a monthly basis 
    • create a fun and safe environment